You are warmly invited to experience the yoga at Balancing Arts Studio.  We  hope that your own unique practice will strengthen as you lose all definitions of yoga and embrace the discovery and expression of your creativity, on your path of living your light.

Our Classic Class- Yoganic Arts (offering both private and group)-Guided by Sheri
This practice is designed to unify the body, mind and spirit by building strength, balance and flexibility on a new level; toning the body, focusing the mind, nurturing creativity, and recharging the spirit. Letting go of definitions and expectations of a certain style of yoga, our classes are organic, giving you the freedom to have new experiences each time you come to the mat, while embracing the many aspects of your Self. Breathe, discover and express what yoga means to you on your path of living your light. I will teach from and integrate into class, my experiences and studies in: somatics, UBM TM, hatha, yin yoga, nada, (sound) yoga, nidra yoga, thai yoga, reiki, eastern tradition, modern scientific research, and nature. All experience levels are welcomed and honored as modifications will be presented. Students are guided to practice mindfully and within his/her capacity. 

“To perform every action artfully is yoga.“ Swami Kripalu.

Mid Week Yoga Stretch-Guided by Sheri

Join us on Wednesday mornings as we  experience the beauty of stretch and release with  Yin based slow-paced yoga  that includes a series of long holding postures.    Blocks, straps, sandbags, and bolsters are used to aid in the comfort of the yogi.  

Yoga Nidra,  Soma-Yoga,  Meditation Class-Guided by Sheri 
**See 'Explore Somatics' below. 

Bhakti Yoga-Guided by Mary Rickert
Bhakti yoga is the path of devotion. Our bodies are gateways to the spirit. Using the mythic stories from India as a guide to the asanas (poses) we will explore a gentle release of the heart. What is the composition of love? Siva can teach us about balance, and Hanuman can lend us courage. Open the mystic gate and discover the creative spirit that awaits. This is a yoga flow practice, suitable for all levels.

Gentle  Restore   Guided by Whitney
Taking time to allow the body/mind to relax is essential to living well.  This class is designed to counter the effects of daily stress through the use of breath, gentle movement and poses supported by a variety of props. Benefits of restorative postures include increased energy, better digestion, improved sleep and a calmer mind.  Give yourself the gift of time to restore, recharge and rediscover your body and your spirit. Wear comfortable clothes that allow freedom to move and relax.  Appropriate for all levels. No prior yoga experience necessary.
“I will let my body flow like water over the gentle cushions.”  Sappho

Vinyasa-Guided by Whitney.

Gentle, all level vinyasa aimed at reducing stress, listening to the body and increasing awareness of the breath. Ayurveda information and seasonal tips will be included. Injuries and limitations can be supported.

Ayurvedic Yoga for Everyone: Reducing the doshas with asana-Guided by Whitney
Yoga postures and pranayama (breath work) can be tailored to reduce the elemental forces or doshas within us. Join me for a noon class that will include various forms of yoga to balance our body and mind. No prior experience necessary, injuries and limitations can be supported-all are welcome!

Family Yoga -Guided by Laura Borg - (not currently offered-if you and your family are interested, call to schedule your own session)   
Mindful yoga class for the entire family.  Mindful yoga offers a fun, joyful and peaceful way for your family to move together mindfully.  We will practice breathing exercises, play yoga games, explore yoga postures, and learn relaxation techniques.  We will discuss tools for stress management at home and in everyday life.  Enjoy a bonding experience with your family, creating a positive environment that supports laughter and love.  This class is for families with elementary aged children.  All abilities are welcome!

Teen Yoga-Guided by Laura Borg - (not currently offered-if you have a small group of teens interested, call to schedule your own session)   
Focusing on developing flexibility, strength and balance, this class is perfect for all teens, especially those participating in a sport or those interested in relieving stress and gaining flexibility. In a down to earth atmosphere, we’ll move through asanas, breathe, focus, balance, relax and have fun.     

Kids Yoga-Guided by Laura Borg
Encouraging body awareness and self-exploration, this class will explore yoga
poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. We will practice partner poses and play
cooperative yoga games.  We will create a positive environment that supports kindness and
compassion, builds strength and balance, and helps improve focus and concentration.
Ages 8-11.                                          

Group Thai-Yoga Class-Guided by Sheri 
Experience this special form of yoga that infuses restorative yoga poses and breathing with Thai yoga techniques. Designed to improve posture, flexibility, digestion and circulation, this restorative class will reduce both physical and emotional tension while working to remove blocked energy and provide a new found freedom in mind, body and breath. You will move into asanas and then receive hands-on adjustments that feel as relaxing as a massage.  Reiki  will be offered during the class to give you the feeling of complete relaxation.

Mindful Slow Flow Yoga-Guided by Laura Borg

Start right where you are! Yoga for everyone. We will practice yogic breathing and slow flow yoga postures. We will end with a 5 minute mindful meditation creating clarity, calmness and inner peace. 

Beginner Hatha Yoga-guided by Johanna 

Using clear alignment cues, breath work, and mindfulness, this is a practice that focuses on alignment and stilling the mental fluctuations of the mind.  We will break down poses and walk through different breathing techniques, allowing the mind, body, and spirit to come into balance with one another.

Rise & Shine Yoga:  guided by Johanna

Better than morning coffee!  A slow flow practice to awaken and refresh the mind and body for the rest of your day.  This will be a mindful slow flow that will take time to focus on proper alignment and breathing, and will include different variations of Sun Salutations, breathing techniques, and physical postures that will both stretch and strengthen the mind and body – giving you energy for the weekend and bringing you into a renewed state of balance for your day. Beginners welcome!  

Yin Yoga: guided by Johanna

Yin Yoga is a practice done mostly seated and on the floor that accesses the deeper connective tissues and joints of the body.  With the assistance of props, poses are held for longer periods of time (typically 3-5 minutes) and focus on releasing tension in the muscles and joints.  While quiet and introspective in nature, Yin challenges the practitioner to use the sensation of each pose to completely surrender into stillness, allowing for a deep relaxation of the muscles.  It helps to increase mobility in the body, particularly in the joints, hips, and low back, and it strengthens and calms the mind.  Yin is suitable for any level and is especially beneficial for those with mobility or joint issues.  It is a nice, relaxing way to start or end your day.

Mid-Week Balance-Restorative Yoga and Reiki/Nidra/Meditation-Guided by Sheri-NEW!

Mid-Week Balance will help you to relax and deepen your practice. We will begin with restorative poses to invite your body into relaxation. During your holds, hands on reiki will be infused. We will then move into a supine guided relaxation of Nidra and conclude with a seated session of meditation.

Self-Investment: $12

You must pre-register/pre-pay for this event.  Limited to 8 participants only.

To register: Contact Sheri: 262-719-4633 or visit  Balancing Arts Studio

1300, 14th Ave, Suite E, Grafton WI 53024 to drop payment at the studio on the third floor.

BARRE & BEYOND - A full body workout that incorporates a fusion of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and strength training. Improve your posture, flexibility, and balance, while you strengthen your mind & body in this fresh and fun class.

The balance between rest and movement. Class will start off with mindful breathing exercises and a dynamic warm up, then progress to bodyweight cardio and strength intervals, finishing with a cool down and stretch. Creating rest in the mind and movement in the body.

Surrender to Stillness-An Evening of Release-

Experience the combination of Thai yoga, Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Meditation.

Cultivate a sense of tranquility and relaxation through the combined powers of Thai yoga, restorative yoga, Reiki and mediation. During this special evening, you will be guided through a slow series of restorative poses, using props and breathing techniques to gently invite your body into complete rest. At key points during the practice, you will experience Thai- where you will receive hands on assists to deepen the stretch and release blockages you may be hanging onto. Reiki energy will be infused into the practice as well. This combination nurtures your full Self, fostering equilibrium of the mind, body and spirit.  

Join us-it’s a wonderful way to end your day…

Self Investment-$15.00

Guided by: Sheri, ERYT, Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor, Thai Yoga 1 Certified.

You must pre-register/pre-pay for this event.  Limited to 6 participants only.

To register: Contact Sheri: 262-719-4633 or visit  Balancing Arts Studio

1300, 14th Ave, Suite E, Grafton WI 53024 to drop payment at the studio on the third floor.

Live Your Light Meditation-Tuesdays, 8:00-8:45 am -Meditation with Opening Yoga Warm up NEW*, guided by Sheri.

We will begin with a gentle sequence that will prepare you for meditation. We will then move into a silent group meditation. Certified Meditation instructor is available to help answer any questions, or help you move into a meditation posture. Live Your Light Karma Mediation. Our intention with this special group meditation is to support your spiritual journey while having a communal and global positive effect. Group meditation creates an experience unlike solo meditation. It allows  individuals’ energy frequency  to attune to the energy of the group as a whole, helping to support and grow our practices through this unification while improving peace in our community and beyond. (Is isn’t surprising to learn of a study conducted  in Washington D.C.  that showed that group meditation lowered crime and violence by 23% during an eight week period.
We invite you to join us at Balancing Arts Studio on Tuesday mornings. Drop in anytime between 8:15-8:45 am, for this silent time. Your energy will support peace. Your self-investment will be given to local and worldwide organizations to help humanity and our living planet. Join us, and Live Your Light!

Explore Somatics

Like Yoga, Somatics is a field of study that explores embodied wisdom for the insights of well living. SomaTalk Series and Balancing Arts brings a catalog of new somatics classes accessible to all bodies for all reasons. The approach is to learn the "Living Language" of the body through stillness, profound+simple movements, breath, and conscious awareness. The practice is inward and experienced primarily in constructive rest in a reclined posture. The movements are intentionally subtle to make clear the origin of held tension in the body. This body awareness gives access to body intelligence and that gives you full charge of your own well Being. Somatics brings attention to old habit patterns that may be restrictive and reintroduces a natural balance and comfort to motion. Most of these subtle movements can be easily used anywhere you are. The classes, offered as both group and private, are integrative but also stand alone for their own unique experience...a transitional alchemy in your body brought to you by your body that unwinds stress and compensation. Look each month for the class content and intention.

                     Discover Embodied Wisdom                                                                Integrate Subtle Movement                                                                                                       Restore Balance

               Soma101-SomaTalk Series-offering group and private sessions-Guided by Barrie

The foundational classes that highlight the embodied wisdom of the "Soma," or body's mind. Learn the basic building blocks of a somatic                practice that you can personalize and evolve at your own pace. With a profound focus on the origin of motion, we will explore the core and central track as the conductors of movement. No prior experience with yoga is needed. Most time will be spent lying supine on the matted floor.

                    Unified Body Method TM Classes and Private Sessions-Guided by Barrie

"UBM, both a preventive practice and a healing technique, is based on specific sequences of movements that assist in developing subtler awareness of the balance between body, breath, and mind. With this complete awareness, we focus on awakening the solar plexus, releasing contractions, and regulating muscle tone. The gentle sequences are designed to introduce a broader range of neuro-pathways; thereby increasing the intelligence of the body-mind connection. UBM enables us to remain in sync with the laws of nature, eliminating duality so that we may live synergistically within her universe." Erik Knuth, Founder UBM TM

                  Centering Somatics-  offering private or semi-private sessions-Guided by Sheri
Your Centering Somatics Session will begin with breathing techniques that will lead into  gentle movements  based on  the studies, teaching and practice of UBMTM and other contemporary somatics approaches.  The private experience concludes with a guided and then silent meditation. Reiki and sound healing will be infused into the session.  The experience is designed to nurture your full potential as a unified Being with freedom of movement in both body and spirit; balanced, centered and filled with joy. 

                  Yoga Nidra,  Soma-Yoga,  Meditation Class-Guided by Sheri 
A way to "work in" vs. work out.
Join others who want to develop or advance a meditation practice in this group setting. We’ll begin with somatics, a gentle form of yoga done primarily in a reclined position that promotes sensory awareness and freedom of movement and prepares the Self for further inner work. We’ll then experience Yoga Nidra, an ancient practice from the yoga tradition. Yoga Nidra, or “yogic sleep,” is an effortless state of being, experienced in a reclined position, that invites complete physical, mental and emotional  relaxation. With its many profound benefits, we will use it to further deepen our practice. Class will include Nada yoga, using crystal singing bowls, gong baths and other sound/music designed to unify.  Seated breathing exercises and an extended session of meditation conclude the class.

Meditation, Pranayama Class

Explore a variety of mediation teachings while beginning or growing your meditation practice. No prior experience is necessary. Breathing techniques will be incorporated to enhance your practice. 

Nada Yoga-Guided by Sheri
This private or semi-private session is based on the science and art of inner transformation through tone and sound. Designed to unify through sound, a variety of techniques, instruments and music are used including: gong baths, crystal singing bowls, sound therapy music, tuning forks, etc

Yogawork-Guided by Sheri

A work out and work in. The work OUT: 30 minutes of moderately intense, strength building movements. The work IN: 30 minutes of balance, stretching, and  meditation. Breathwork throughout. Guided  by Sheri- This is not a drop in class. You must pre-register and pre-pay for the  session three days before the first class of the month.  $38.00 for the four class session.

Yoga Bloom: grow your practice

An Opportunity to experience different yoga modalities to strengthen and grow your practice. 

Pricing:  (new fall pricing)
Group sessions-$11 per drop in class, $10 per class if you purchase a pass for four or more classes. Teens: special rate of $8 per class.
Privates: $65 per session (sessions typically run approx. an hour)

Family, Kids, Teen Yoga - Ask Laura for details:  email:  phone:  262-496-2438

Private Classes:
Offered by Sheri: Individualized yoga. Somatics.  Meditation. Nidra. Reiki. Thai, Reiki and Reflexology Sessions, Reflexology Sessions.  Or a combination of various well being modalities.

Offered by Whitney: Personalize and deepen your practice one on one -injuries can be supported

Offered by Laura: Introduction to Yoga - Getting started one-on-one, we will work on what suits you and your body.

Offered by Barrie-Explore Somatics

Look for upcoming monthly community events-workshops, guest speakers and instructors, day long and weekend retreats, and more!

Bemer Technology-Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, a proven, well-researched and invariably useful for correcting multiple disorders and illnesses. It is acknowledged as a clinical device by SA Dept. of Health. It functions on your body cells by regulating the bio-chemicals at a minimal level. Additionally, by enhancing physiological restrictions like micro-circulation, blood oxygenations, and the release of T-cell to support immunity, the human body is prepared to exhilarate its own usual regulating systems. 

Currently offering a combination of any of the following in one session: (session is approx. an hour) 

  • Reiki
  • Bemer Technology
  • Reflexology
  • Sound Therapy

Self-Investment-$80 Per Session with Sheri/Package of three sessions: $225

Private R&R Session:
Reiki and Reflexology for Complete Relaxation
Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique from Japan that can also promote healing. Reiki treats the whole person leaving them feeling relaxed, peaceful, secure and with a feeling of well being. Reflexology is an application of pressure to areas of the hands and feet, that correlate to areas of the body to stimulate natural healing. The combination of Reiki and Reflexology is administered on a natural jade and tourmaline negative ions heat and energy therapy healing pad. 

 Practitioner: Sheri Bestor, Reiki MA, Training Reflexology,  ERYT,Thai Yoga Level 1

                                Self Investment:  $70 for a full session (approx. an hour) 

Community Acupuncture-Guided by Amy

In a small group setting, experience acupuncture to ground you and balance your qi, relieve or reduce pain and improve your overall energy. Relaxing and peaceful, this is an excellent experience for those new to acupuncture or those seeking a tune up. Each person will receive an individualized balancing treatment.  

Private Acupuncture: 
Regularly $125 Initial Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment (90-120 mins), $65 follow up treatments (60 mins). For a limited time, get initial consultation and treatment for $99!  Mention this listing.  Contact Amy 262-573-2190.

Private Reiki Sessions-Guided by Sheri
Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique from Japan that can also promote healing. It is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us through a "laying of the hands." Reiki treats the whole person leaving them feeling relaxed, peaceful, secure and with a feeling of well being. The session is administered on a natural jade and tourmaline negative ions heat and energy therapy healing pad. $70 for a full session (approx. an hour) 

  • Offered by Sheri: Individualized yoga. Somatics.  Meditation. Nidra. Reiki. Reflexology. Or a combination of various well being modalities.
  • Offered by Laura-Mindfulness, meditation

  • Offered by Johanna: Currently offering FREE, hour-long initial health consultations

  • Offered by Amy: Currently offering Acupuncture Sessions!  Check out Amy’s new studio next to the yoga studio

  • Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching will provide you with ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness.  It will help you navigate the world of contradictory health, nutrition, and exercise advice, looking at how all areas of your life are connected in order to discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.  There is no specific diet, exercise, cleanse, or relaxation practice that is right for ALL of us ~ we are all different, and each of us needs to nourish our bodies in different ways.  You will set your own personal goals around nutrition and wellness, and from there you will be guided towards a more balanced life.  Practitioner:  Johanna Moore, Certified Holistic Health Coach & Registered Yoga Teacher

Please go to or contact Johanna directly for more information at 262-627-0338 or


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