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"During a Yoga Nidra session in which I was lying on my back in a deep state of relaxation, wide awake, I experienced a multi-sensory "vision" which made a profound impact on me. It remains vivid in my memoery. During this experience, my body was at the exact center of an interlocking web of organic architectural structures that emanated from my body in all directions, forming an immense sphere. Layer by layer, the sphere constantly expanded and I knew and could see all of it. I sensed that it was the entire universe at the same time that it was entirely me. Curiously, I was at the center of it while it was all inside me. There was no conflict. It felt as ordinary as looking at my own face in the moirror. While I was immersed in this vision, I experienced sound as light and color. In fact , the inputs of all of my senses were experienced as one thing with no distinctions between them. I was not so much seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling as I was knowing or, better yet, being. The yoga Nidra session that I refer to here occurred at Balancing Arts Studio on March 4, 2015. It was conducted by Sheri Mabry Bestor. Throughout my experience, I could hear Ms. Bestor's voice suggesting that I direct my attention to various parts of my body or suggesting images to visualize. On the surface of my mind, I complied with these prompts but, simlultaneously, the entire universe was blooming inside my heart. I could hear the sounds of singing crystal bowls, the sharp sting of a tuning fork or the rumbling of the gong but I also saw and felt these sounds as color, light and pressure, changing the flavors of my univers and becoming actors in my movie. 

I regret that I am not able to better share my experience through language." 

Joe Mendla. 3/14/2015

"Sheri, you were very perceptive in choosing our workout for today! We both remarked about how good we felt aferwards. Six hours later, my aches and stiff joints, probably out of sync because I favored some during weeks with a sore anke, no longer feel stiff. And my anke is happy too.
I'm thrilled to say that my right-side back ache remains GONE! All day today I'm trying to remain aware of relaxing my muscles. Thanks for teaching me that!

During today's session I realized how much more I am aware of my body's reactiveness (automatic tension response) and how I"m gradually but effectively releasing all the tension with much greater ease because of that awareness. Midway through today's last practice (or whatever you call an exercise in yoga) I thought: Hey! Everything is totally relaxed and I didn't even have to work at it! For me, the directed hour-long yoga practice seems to end with a sense of well-being and of feeling pulled together physically and mentally.

Maybe the greatest yoga bonus has been my growing body-awareness. Little by little I'm learning where I "own" stress...or maybe "habor" stress is a better way of putting it...and how much stress I've taken in and kept over the past five or six years. What a gift to celebrate! Thanks, Sheri!" GM, Grafton.

"Sheri does an amazing job with teaching yoga. She made me feel comfortable and at-ease from the first moment of the first session. She is patient, kind, respectful and a pleasure to learn from. As a first-time yoga student, I have quickly developed a love of this practice, which I plan to continue forever. Sheri is a gift!"


Grafton, WI

Casey Didier 9/3/2012 5:10:23 PM

My daughters have been involved in NSAA for years, and this was the first time that I have had the opportunity to try something myself. Sunrise Yoga was the perfect opportunity to get involved, try something new and positive, and fit it into my very busy work schedule. It is a perfect way to start the day, as it focuses on positive energy, strengh, and peace. Sheri is a great teacher, and this class is perfect for any level! Thanks, Sheri, I can't wait to do it again!

 I just wanted to write about my experience with Sheri Bestor at her yoga and Reiki studio. First of all, her studio was enchanting. It is in a building that is over 100 years old. There is an art studio on one floor and a really cool store featuring a lot of work by local artists. The minute you walked into Sheri's studio, you started to feel relaxed. The setting is perfect and there is so much room in her yoga studio. I did not expect it to be that large.
I loved my yoga experience with Sheri. It was so relaxing and I could actually feel myself letting go of all my stress. It was wonderful and I remember wishing it never had to end. Sheri is extremely talented and good at what she does. She is profession and very helpful with each individuals' wants and/or needs, even if you don't know what they are. She has a very calming nature about her that draws you to her. I was very surprised to discover what a difference yoga was Sheri. Anyone can teach yoga, but Sheri actually helps you to experience yoga in a very fulfilling way that I did not think was possible.
After my yoga, I had Sheri perform Reiki on me. Her Reiki studio is above her yoga studio on the top floor of the building. The view was unbelievable. There is a stream running along the side of her building and if you look out the front window you can see a small dam with water flowing over it. It looks like a scene out of a Norman Rockwell picture. This was my first Reiki treatment and I found it to be very rewarding and worth while experience. It is hard to explain, but after my Reiki I felt an inner calm and sense of well being that I did not have before my treatment.

 Sheri is an expert Reiki Master and I would highly recommend anyone who deals with a lot of stress, illness or would just like more balance in their life to give Reiki a try. S.F

Dear Sherri, I just wanted to thank you for for having me and my mother at your studio. I felt at home instantly, with your warm welcoming and beautiful space. The view of the mill, breathtaking! Not to mention your studio with such an open feel, adorned with local art and other products for sale. You molded our yoga session to my mother and her personal needs. It was awesome how much you cared about us personally and it made the experience so much more comfortable and effective. The chakra aligning therapy was an indescribable experience.. I felt like a brand new person! You are truly amazing at what you do, and I hope to visit again soon.  M.F.



"Yoga was always something I had wanted to try, but was intimidated by. From the beginning, Sheri offered a calm, welcoming environment. I've only been practicing for a short time, but have found yoga to be a fun, therapeutic, confidence-building and stress relieving experience."  Molly Houben



 After attending Sheri's yoga class I felt a true release of tension that lasted for days. I felt more energy and was so relieved to use the breathing techniques we used in class during my more stressful moments. The class had a nice pace and the relaxation at the end made it well worth the effort to get there.

I look forward to many more classes at Balancing Arts Studio


"I have had the opportunity to begin Yoga class with Sheri Bester at the Grafton Arts Mill for the past several weeks. The reduction in stress I've felt following class and several days thereafter are truly remarkable. Her kind demeanor, individual interest in all class members and soothing approach is therapeutic in itself. Sheri approaches each class focusing on a particular "lesson" for the hour class. Class members are taught to let go of all the days concerns, problems and demands. Sheri has us breathing and easing into the movements, doing only what feels comfortable for each participants ability level. I highly recommend this form of exercise for anyone who is looking for an alternative to the fast paced lifestyle we experience throughout the day. Instead of running, aerobics or weight training, she's proof that yoga can get you into shape and decrease your stress as well." B.C.