Downloadable Yoga Nidra Session.

Sheri Mabry Bestor takes you through a 45 minute  soothing guided Yoga Nidra session. Experience the many benefits of this ancient practice that fosters internal peace while relaxing and rejuvinating.  Download this session to use on a daily basis as a supplement to coming to Balancing Arts Yoga & Well Being Studio or a studio near you.

"I hope you enjoy this amazing practice. I honor my teachers and the resources and experiences that have helped me to bring this to you."


We have a variety of yogic and ayurvedic supplies, props and gift items available for sale in the Arts Mill Boutique on the second floor. Hours are: 11-5, Tuesday through Thursday or by appointment.

Yoga:  blankets, straps, jewelery, incense, books, meditation kits, journals,

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