Develop and strengthen a practice. Grow and Expand Personally.

Bonus opportunity: enhance your career path by becoming a Certified Meditation Guide.



A healthier body. Better brain.  Emotionally balanced. The results of the more than 3,000 sceientific studies on the benefits of meditation are in. Experience the results for yourself.

The Balancing Arts Life-Artistry and Teacher Certification Courses are a series of modules that can introduce or expand a personal practice to live your light! Have the added opportunity to grow a holistic career with certification in each module upon successful completion.  

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN FOR: The MEDITATION Module: The Meditation Module is designed for those interested in developing and expanding a meditation practice and/or those interested in certification to become a meditation guide.

Part I-Life-Artistry Program: designed to inspire, inform and support your meditation practice while helping to expand your knowledge and wisdom of meditation. Also included are tools and techniques that will help you to integrate this practice into your daily life. For those new to meditation as well as those who already have an established practice.

Parts I and II-Life-Artistry Meditation Program and Teacher Certification Course:  designed for those wishing to strengthen their personal practice as well as earn certification to guide meditation sessions in private and group settings. Upon successful completion of both parts, you will have earned a Meditation Certification. Certified teachers will have the training to guide meditation classes in private settings, studios as well as an opportunity at Balancing Arts Yoga &Well Being studio.

Registration Requirements:  Applicants must pre-register. Class size is limited. No prior meditation experience is necessary other than a strong interest and commitment to developing your personal practice.

Objectives:  You will discover the following through a variety of experiential and inquiry based  learning techniques:

·       Ways to develop and/or strengthen a personal meditation practice so it becomes an integral part of your lifestyle

·       An understanding of the practice of mindfulness   

·       An understanding of the meaning and purpose of the critical components of meditation including but not limited to mantras, mudras, chanting

·       An awareness of various meditation styles and techniques, both ancient and modern and how they may be used for specific purposes and how they may relate to your practice  

·       An understanding of how the brain works relative to meditation—taught by guest Instructor, Jim Morningstar

·       An understanding of how the body works relative to meditation-taught by guest Instructor, Barrie Springhetti

·       An understanding of breathing techniques, the subtle Pranic counterpart of breathing, and their part in meditation- taught by guest Instructor, Luke Ketterhagen

·       An introduction to the golden meditation: yoga nidra, and its place in your practice

·       Preparation techniques for meditation

·       Teaching skills, techniques,  and confidence to successfully guide meditation classes (Teacher certification portion only) 

·       An understanding of the principles of ethics and good business practices (Teacher certification portion only) 

·       Skills and confidence to successfully move through a one-on-one assessment with the lead teacher at the conclusion of the course (Teacher certification portion only)

·       Treasures to nurture creativity, find balance, foster peace, discover your truth to Live Your Light!

Enrollment in the course (part I or parts I and II): gives you access to Balancing Arts Studio during set studio hours to practice

Meditation Module Schedule:

             Part I-Life-Artistry Meditation Module: Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 pm, Jan 18,25, Feb. 1*, 8, 22, and Monday, Feb. 12.  (*denotes possible alternate date/learning/class approach)

             Parts I &II-Life-Artistry Meditation Module and Teacher Certification: Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 pm, Jan 18,25, Feb. 1*, 8, 22, March 1,8,15*,22* and Monday, Feb 12. (*denotes possible alternate learning/class approach)

Self-Investment: Part I-Life-Artistry: $300.  Parts I/II: Life-Artistry and Certification: $500.  Class attendance, completion of (minimal) assignments and outside reading assignments.

Early Registration: Register by Jan. 2, 2018 and receive male beads from India for use in your practice

Balancing Arts Yoga & Well Being Studio is an approved school through the International Meditation Teachers Association (IMTA)

Lead Teacher: 

            Sheri Mabry B.- Certified Meditation Instructor, ERYT, Reiki Master Teacher, Thai 1 Yoga Instructor, Reflexologist, MA Curriculum and Instruction, Author

Guest Instructors:

            Luke Ketterhagen-ERYT, International Yoga/meditation instructor, Author

            Jim Morningstar- PhD licensed clinical psychologist, Director of the School of Integrative Psychology and the Transformations Breathwork Training Program and co-director of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, Author

            Barrie Springhetti- Certified Massage Therapist, Founder of SomaTalk Enterprises, instructor/practitioner of bodywork therapies, published on specialized techniques relevant to improving structural comfort, pain relief, and restorative relaxation, teacher of Unified Body Method. Voted one of the top 5 massage therapists in greater Milwaukee Area


                   "The quality of our life depends on the quality of our mind,"  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. 

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