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"Sheri is a sensitive and kind spirit that knows how to navigate gracefully through life on life's terms. Her devotion to bettering the human race is evident in her work. "~ Paul McGill, Broadway Tony Award Winning dancer. Choreographer. Movie Actor.

"As a person who makes my living as a composer and performer, I was skeptical that Sheri could actually help me be more creative. But her ability to challenge me to push beyond where I was comfortable has led me to discover creative places in me that I didn't even know I had." Kurt Bestor ~ Emmy-award-winning and Grammy-Nominated composer

"Sheri is one of the most creative and talented    individuals I have worked with during my career." ~Dave Schenker. Owner, Innovative Storage Designs, Inc. 

  My mission is to practice and teach Life-Artistry, an approach to life that cultivates creativity, nurturing holistic peaceful living, to support individuals’ unique expressions to live a beautiful, enjoyable and fulfilling life. Live Your Light! ~Sheri


Sheri Mabry, MA

Life-Artistry Practitioner and Teacher. 

Author. Artist. Editor. Entrepreneur.

Nature-Inspired Shakti-Yogini. 



I am honored and blessed to have the opportunity to guide others in a lifestyle that's based on living their truth and cultivating creativity. I guide people towards inner peace through my teachings as a yoga and meditation instructor, Reiki Master, and somatics practitioner. I support others' paths of creativity through consulting as well as through various means of expression, which include reviewing and editing the written word in many forms as well as work as a literary agent.

As for my own travels on this path, I am a longtime teacher and life-long learner. My experiences inform my teaching-I practice yoga, am an author, artist, and lover of nature.I am a mom to three lights of my life.  I'm a creator - of stories, paintings, books, classes, jewelry, businesses, and relationships. I embrace clean living and honor pure connections. My mantra: Live Your Light...



BS in Education, UW Madison-Teaching experience at Cedarburg School District
Masters in Curriculum and Instruction-Program Development  at Port Washington-Saukville School District
ERYT-Teaching experience at BA Studio, Form and Fitness, and other studios both local and internationally
Somatics Practitioner-Teaching and Writing experience at UBWI and Balancing Arts Studio
Reiki Master
Certified Mediation Instructor
Published Author
Founder: Willow Words Literary Agency. Willow Words Writing Service. Balancing Arts Yoga Studio. Moontide Designs. Meraki Investments. NSAA. 

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"I strive to create that which can in some way, affect others positively. While working through the process of whatever I’m creating, teaching or working on, I try to come from a place of peace and gratitude. Nature inspires me. Family, both immediate and global, grounds me. Seeking, learning, and discovering fuels me to go beyond. Love brings me Home."