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Working art studios, boutique and art gallery

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"As a person who makes my living as a composer and performer, I was skeptical that Sheri could actually help me be more creative. But her ability to challenge me to push beyond where I was comfortable has led me to discover creative places in me that I didn't even know I had." Kurt Bestor ~ Emmy-award-winning and Grammy-Nominated composer

  • Oh, How Lovely was the Morning3:45

Write Your Story

A company that provides resources for communities through properties

Music Credit: Kurt Bestor,

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 "The Sun, the moon, the stars, and all the lights that you can imagine in the entire external world are but fragments of that one great Light that is within you.  It is the light of knowledge, the light of discrimination, the light of understanding, the light of life, the light of sharing and love, the light of Being that you are. "Thou art that..."  Path of Fire and Light, Vol. II

Paint Your Picture

Naturally inspired, spirit-ful jewelry, paintings, photography and more. 

Award winning, published author, speaker and freelance writer

Sheri Bestor in Grafton

Live Your Light!

"Sheri is a sensitive and kind spirit that knows how to navigate gracefully through life on life's terms. Her devotion to bettering the human race is evident in her work. "~ Paul McGill, Broadway Tony Award Winning dancer. Choreographer. Movie Actor.

  "Sheri is one of the most creative and talented    individuals I have worked with during my career." ~Dave Schenker. Owner, Innovative Storage Designs, Inc.

Businesses, services, and products developed and designed to nurture holistic well being, cultivate creativity, and help make the world a more beautiful place. 

Courses, workshops, certification and personal and business consulting in creativity to develop humanistic, artistic and entrepreneurial life work. 

Non-profit organization offering opportunities in the visual, performing and literary arts, as well as rental spaces for artists and performers

Critique and writing services for fiction, non-fiction, business and other writing projects

Sing Your Song

Classes, workshops, therapies, and  consulting  in the Yogic and Well Being and Healing Arts

Literary agency representing authors of children and young adults

Find Your Pose